Pertricia Ross - Principal

Ms. Ross has worked as an educator for 23 years in the Aldine ISD. She began her career at Escamilla Intermediate in 1991 and in 1992 moved to MacArthur High School. Ms. Ross led the Department of Special Education at MacArthur High School as the Department Chair. She was promoted to Assistant Principal at MacArthur High School in 1995. Ms. Ross worked as an Assistant Principal at Eisenhower High School beginning in 2007 and was the Assistant Principal for Curriculum from 2008- 2015. Ms. Ross holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Administration from Prairie View University. In August of 2015, she was appointed as the Principal for Hall Center for Education. Ms. Ross’ quote for Hall students and faculty is: “All dreams start with a thought and a prayer.”

Timothy Stanley - Assistant Principal


Mr. Stanley was named Assistant Principal at Hall Center for Education after
serving as an instructional technology specialist at that same school. Mr. Stanley started his career as an educator in Aldine ISD in 1994. Mr. Stanley's first teaching assignment was as a social studies teacher at Hall Center for Education. In 1999, Mr. Stanley accepted the position of Instructional Technology Specialist at Hall and served in that position until becoming Assistant Principal. All 23 years experience as an educator have been spent with Aldine ISD.