Staff Information

Teacher and Staff Listing by Assignment and Subject

Science Department  

Ms. R. Baker-Morris - Biology

Ms. D. Nash  - Online - IPC

Mr. F. Vasquez Martinez - Online - Principles of Technology

Ms. Whittaker - IPC

 Skills Specialists\Department Chairs  
abacusplug-in bookgraduated cylinder

Ms. Howard - ELA 

Ms. Tatum - Science 

Ms. Crawford - Math 

Ms. Kleeman - Social Studies 

Ms. Vines - CTE 

Mathematics Department  

equation on board

Mr. Andrews - Math 

Mr. Barnett - Math

Mr. Roberts - Alg II

Mr. Carmona - Math

English Department\Fine Arts  


Mr. Alcala - ELA

Ms. Miller - ELA

Ms. Natale - ELA 1

Mr. Siddiqui - ELA 2


 Social Studies Department  
Ms. Amshoff - World Geography\World History

Mr. Courts - Economics\Government

Mr. Platt - Social Studies as assigned

CTE Department\Electives  

wrenchmonitor and keyboardart
Mr. Appleton - Online

Mr. Lascano - CTE

Mr. Mobley - CTE

Mr. Royer - Other language

Ms. A.Jackson - CTE

Pregnancy Coordinator and Parent Facilitator  

Student Newsstudent filepathway

Ms. Stephens - Pregnancy Coordinator 



Ms. Polite, RN 

Physical Education & Health  

physical educationhealth

Mr. Davis - PE

Testing Coordinator  

pogo stick pencil

Ms. Briant 

Literacy Specialist  

book treebook parachute

Ms. Daughtry  


Ms. Dryden 

District Hospitality Teacher   

Ms. Theunissen 



Ms. Dotson 

Ms. Brionez

Inclusion Teachers  

file cabinet

Ms. Richardson 

Mr. Threatt 

Mr. Gilmer - SAC

Intervention Specialist

Danielle Jackson - Stevenson

Parent Liasion 

Cassie Frausto

Paraprofessional Staff  

school         desk pencil

Ms. Holcombe-Griffith - SAC  

Vacancy - Attendance Clerk
Ms. Griner - Counselor's Sec. 

Ms. McKinnis - Principal's Sec. & Bookkeeper

Ms. Small - Inclusion Para -

Ms. Seales-Smith - SMS data clerk

Ms. Mathis - Registrar

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