Teacher and Staff Listing by Assignment and Subject

Science Department  

Ms. R. Baker-Morris – Biology

Mr. F. Moldofsky – IPC


Skills Specialists\Department Chairs  

Ms. M. Howard – ELA 

Ms. M. Tatum – Science 

Ms. S. Crawford – Math 


Ms. A. Amshoff – Social Studies 

Ms. J. Vines – CTE 

Mathematics Department  

Mr. W. Andrews – Math 

Mr. K. Barnett – Math

Mr. M. Roberts – Alg II

English Department\Fine Arts  

Mr. P. Alcala – ELA

Ms. J. Miller – ELA

Ms. K. Natale – ELA 1

Social Studies Department  

Ms. A. Amshoff – U.S. History

Mr. B. Courts – Economics\Government


CTE Department\Electives  

Mr. S. Appleton – Online

Mr. A. Moore – Construction

Mr. B. Royer – Other Languages

Ms. A. Jackson – Child Development

Ms. S. Suell – Welding

Pregnancy Coordinator 

Ms. S. Kennedy – Pregnancy Coordinator 


Ms. C. Jones, RN 

Physical Education & Health  

Mr. J. Davis – PE

Testing Coordinator 

Ms. S. Briant 

Literacy Specialist  

Ms. D. Daughtry  


Ms. F. Garcia


Mrs. T. Stephens – Lead Counselor

Inclusion Teachers  

Ms. A. Richardson 

Mr. R. Gilmer – SAC

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. D. Jackson – Stevenson

Paraprofessional Staff  

Ms. A. Holcombe-Griffith – SAC  

Ms. D. Lopez – Campus Monitor

Mrs. J. Luna – Attendance Clerk
Mrs. M. Pereiro – General Clerk 


Ms. S. McKinnis – Principal’s Secretary & Bookkeeper

Mrs. R. Seals-Smith – SEMS Data Clerk

Mrs. T. Davies – Registrar

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