Dress Code Policy

Dress Code for High School Students

All ninth grade and high school students (male and female) must wear a collared-style shirt (Polo or Oxford, dress shirt). Button-up shirts must be buttoned. Shirts can be any color, solid, plaid or striped. Jackets are not considered shirts.

Female students will be allowed to wear skirts, split skirts, and dresses, however the length must approach the knee and allow one to walk, stoop, kneel and sit with modesty. Skirts must be worn with a collared shirt.

Principal discretion will be used in addressing any dress code issues, which may adversely affect the educational atmosphere of the school.

The district’s general dress code is established to teach hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, promote orderliness, and assure the security of the school.

A complete dress code policy can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook, which will be distributed to students at all grade levels the first week of the school year.